Listening to Spirit over Big Pharma: I’ll Bet My Life On It

“You never listen, that’s why we’re not together,” my ex-husband called to tell me on Friday, with regard to my unconventional treatment plan for a breast tumor I’ve been aware of four of the five years we’ve been apart. “You’re right,” I said. That is definitely one reason we’re not together.

I had just gotten off the phone moments earlier with a highly esteemed medical doctor who also told me “You have to learn to listen.” Hmmmm….interesting coincidence?

The doctor told me not to be my holistic-minded, New Yorker, question-asking, reporter-self at the surgeon’s office. He told me I should go to the appointment without any preconceived notions of the treatment I would consider.

Earlier that day, when consulting my trusty tarot deck created by Doreen Virtue, I pulled the card called “Listen.” Manjushri, a Buddhist deity of wisdom whose specialty is  helping to bring about clarity and understanding, was not telling me to listen to my ex-husband or doctors, but to Divine intelligence and wisdom, attained through quiet retreat.

From Doreen Virtue's Ascended Master Deck

From Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master Deck

I have had more positive experiences from listening to Spirit than doctors, details of which will appear in the future on this blog, but after reading an article online today posted on Health Impact News, I was motivated to get these thoughts out for the time Being.

“Health,” Mr. Shilhavy wrote, “is generally defined today as ‘practicing medicine’ and the authority given by government to ‘practice medicine’ is tightly controlled through government licensing.

With each passing bill, our government is increasingly controlled by pharmaceutical companies, and my distrust of government grows congruent to that political process.

Mr. Shilhavy agrees with me that the current healthcare system is designed to bring great profit to pharmaceutical companies and others who profit from sick people and the dispensing and spraying of chemicals. He wrote that the often-debilitating “side effects from medicines are numerous and cause more than 100,000 deaths per year.”

“Depending on which statistics you look at, drugs, doctors, and hospitals are either the third or number one leading cause of death in the United States,” he wrote, “but people continue to seek them out for healing.”


Herbal remedies, effective and without side effects, are outlawed and discredited when Big Pharma is not able to patent and profit from their use. Practitioners who offer government-unapproved treatments or advice are subject to loss of licensure or worse.

Having come from parents who taught me to question the motives of those who profit from what they push, and who taught me to have an opinion, and with my educational and career background in alternative health care, research, and journalism, I have become a  conventional doctor’s worst nightmare.

I also lead a life of faith and spirituality. The well-written article by Mr. Shilhavy also shared stories of healing from The Bible, about spontaneous healing and annointing of oils which interests me a great deal.

Within conventional medicine, while it may be recommended or accepted to practice meditation and stress reduction as complementary procedures to chemicals and surgery, the Darwinian, biologically-based system completely overlooks the spiritual and emotional causes of dis-ease.

I am not discounting the need for surgical and medical intervention, but as I research its uses in my situation, I will continue to “Listen” to Divine guidance, as well as to ask questions and to embrace my preconceived notions about the care of my own health.

2 thoughts on “Listening to Spirit over Big Pharma: I’ll Bet My Life On It

  1. You might consider reading a book called “Never Fear Cancer Again'” by Raymond Francis. I did not read it but his book “Never be sick again” was the best book on health that I have read. I bought the former for a friend with cancer and she said it changed her life. Whatever you decide, I wish you well.


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