Curing Carrie: The Less-Traveled Road

Wisdom from my 2014 newly-diagnosed self…

During my latest holistic doctor consultation, Dr. Carlos Garcia, who offers a complimentary one-hour consultation to anyone with a cancer diagnosis, told me “This is an emotionally-based disease” with conviction as he flipped through my biopsy report and PET scans and checked his intuition via Applied Kinesiology.

I didn’t expect the same old “poison, cut, and burn” plan from him, but I didn’t expect a recommendation to get a grip on my stuffed emotional trauma either.

It resonated with me, though, and it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard it.

Working on my emotional baggage might not be easy but it will undoubtedly be more pleasant than the treatment plan of the oncologist I saw the day before.

In my opinion, there was nothing right about Dr. Wright’s recommendations, which included 6 months of chemotherapy, 10 years of estrogen-blocking drugs, 3 surgeries, and 6 weeks of radiation.

I asked for the data sheets that list the side effects of the 4-5 drugs she was recommending (heart disease, uterine cancer, liver damage, and death among them), but I already knew that was not going to be my path. I must choose a plan that I believe in for it to work. I do not believe in poisoning myself to get well.

The treatments I saw while getting the nickel tour of Dr. Garcia’s holistic health care center made more sense to me.

Alternative remedies included IV vitamin therapy, which I had already received for several weeks, detox foot baths, infrared sauna, and a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

I also noticed a juicer and a therapist’s office, both of which I had begun to utilize.


I want to use this blog as a place to document my experiences, and to share information and opinions that may not widely available, and to tell the story in my own words.

My “Health Care” will be a permanent page, for anyone who chooses to see what I am doing.

If you’re wondering, please refer to my blog here. Though I appreciate the caring concern of friends and family, I want to conserve my energy and stay in a positive state, instead of giving the dis-ease power by talking about it all the time.

So I invite all to come along for the ride if you wish, or not to if you don’t. You may follow here to receive an email with each new post.

This story will have a happy ending, I am sure of it. I hope all who visit will do their best to believe too, and to share positive thoughts and energy. I am not owning the “c” word; I will not give it power or even capitalization.

Here’s to health and new adventures!



  1. Positive Reiki & Love Energy! I love that you are on the road less traveled, the high road!
    What an adventure it has been so far and I look forward to taking the next chapter with you.
    I believe in you sister! May Arch Angel Raphael surround you with green healing light radiating beautiful crystal jewels of scared symbols beyond the beyond. And so it is….
    Go gettem’ GF…
    Your Aquarius Sister
    Christine 😉 xx


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