My Emotional Health Plan: Not a “Battle”


“You are not required to battle, but simply to advocate for yourself, speak your truth, and pay as much attention to your own concerns as you give to others…” These words were written on a strip of loose leaf paper and hanging on my refrigerator, fading in the Florida sunlight. They were written for me at a “Message Service” at a church in East Quogue, Long Island shortly before I made the move down South by a medium named Jim Fargiano.

“Peace and Prosperity are your right. No one can take them from you without your permission…Heaven and your supporters both here and there await your recognition of this truth,” were also among the words that he wrote from a nearby room while I sat with a few friends in quiet meditation.” He said that I held the negative belief that I felt I was un-deserving.

I didn’t relate the message to the breast disease at that time, but I’ve gotten additional clear messages about the subject this week, including a phone call with a woman a few towns away from me who cured herself of breast cancer holistically 10 or 11 years ago, and who feels it was emotionally-based. For Judi it was a “lack of forgiveness” and she shared tips with me of how she learned to release and forgive through tapes, CDs, and meditation.

She told me to learn to bring my awareness into myself and keep my mind out of it. That is how you tap in. “God is in us,” she said, and speaking to my fears about the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry, she assured me “God is in everything.” She agreed with my “to each his own” theory that each person must choose a path that they believe in, in order for it to work.

Chakra affirmations

Cancer is not as big and bad as it used to be, she said. I agreed. In one of the books I am reading this week, a doctor wrote that 80% of cancers are preventable and treatable through diet and lifestyle.

As for the physical plane, I understand that for some, changing diet and lifestyle can be a “battle.” For me, it is a challenge, but something I have been working toward for about 25 years. My new breast-cancer surviving friend treated the physical aspects of the disease with diet in about three months, she said, by “flooding” herself with nutrients.


My current Mind, Body, and Spirit Health Plan will be posted on a permanent page that will be modified according to new testimonials and messages. Click here for my current plan. 


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