Defying Doctor Bullying: My Last Successful Trial

No animals were harmed in this test, in fact, one was saved. Now for my own healing.


When I was told by a doctor at an emergency veterinary clinic that my cat would die within a year if I didn’t give him a drug for his heart problem, I said “No.”

Now that doctors have been trying to scare and bully me into poisonous and life threatening “cures,” I am recalling how the cat situation worked out.

I had already researched the issue when the last doctor heard the heart murmur. Despite the visual from an ultrasound, I trusted my intuition that the drug route would complicate his life and mine, ultimately causing other health problems.

While the clinic did save my little guy’s life, this doctor’s demand could have easily shortened it. I still remember his condescending look as he uttered his threats.

I still think about finding him to tell him that for 10 years, that cat never received one pill of any kind, nor returned to a veterinarian. He is sitting on me as I write.


The only reason my cat was at the 24-hour emergency clinic was due to a serious side effect (heart failure) from a drug given to him in error by another veterinarian. That doctor decided, despite his knowledge of the cat’s heart issues, to give him steroid shot for his upset stomach (contraindicated with cardiomyopathy, I learned after the fact.)  After some threats of my own, that doctor wound up reimbursing us for the $1,500 cost of the emergency clinic visit that should have never been.

Perhaps if more U.S. doctors were held accountable for the detrimental effects of the drugs they deal, instead of incentivized for it, we wouldn’t have such a sick country.

I am grateful for the experience as I look back. It contributed to my ability to trust my intuition when doctors try to scare me into using chemicals and pharmaceuticals, when those same treatments could do much more harm than good.

I am pretty sure that my cat would have died long ago from the toxic effects of long-term medication that was so strongly suggested. Without it, he has not had one symptom or issue.

I feed him a healthy diet, water, and a multivitamin, give him a lot of love, and a comfortable home. That is all he needs. He has given me so much back in return over the 17 years. Here is a slide show example of his calming and joyful presence in my life, everyday moments that bring a smile to my face and needed peace in my heart.


  1. I agree with you 100%. Drugs aren’t manufactured to heal only to mask and control. If it cured anything eventually the company would be out of business. I’m glad to see that he’s doing so well.


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