My Coffee? I’ll Take It Rectally

Hey, we all need to lighten up a little…and I can’t avoid dishing on the procedure that dumps toxins from our bodies like nothing else can.

Think it is a disgusting subject? Well how about keeping years of parasites, bacteria, yeast colonies, toxic metals, rotting food, and hardened white flour stuck to your colon walls? Not a pretty picture either.

I read about this procedure time and time again during my holistic research. It’s nothing new! According to the Dead Sea scrolls dating back at least 2000 years, Jesus used these methods to perform his miracles of healing.


Until about 1984, the coffee enema procedure was listed in the Merck Manual, the handbook used by physicians worldwide. Why has it disappeared…hmmm I will leave that  to you. I will say, however, that it is quite inexpensive, and once learned, very little assistance is required.

Max Gerson, who was a pioneer in treating cancer holistically, combined coffee enemas with a strict diet, juicing and nutritional supplements, and he used coffee enemas as an integral part of the therapy…up to 6 per day. Among its benefits which include pain relief,  he found that coffee enemas enabled the body to absorb and digest toxic tumor tissue and eliminate it safely. Dr. Gerson’s method is still offered today at several clinics, most of which are in Mexico.

In fact, I watched a video recently with a doctor who works in one such clinic, who said that it is dangerous to juice heavily WITHOUT enemas, as it overloads the body with toxins.

Why coffee? Well research shows that caffeine enemas dilate bile ducts, which results in the excretion of toxic material by the liver and assists in their removal from the blood.

Coffee also contains a very desirable form of Selenium, which is a highly recommended substance for those with cancer. Few foods contain it, and it has been shown to be better absorbed through the rectum.

Though it’s still no coconut mocha latte in my book, enemas have come a long way, and have gotten a lot neater, with stainless steel buckets replacing the use of messy bags.

Stainless enema bucket and tubing

Combined with soft music, pillows, towels and meditation in my bathtub, my plan of one year of juicing and enemas became a ritual I looked forward to, with after effects of feeling clean, inside and out.

After a year of regular enemas, I now fill up on healthful probiotics and fats to support my body’s ability to eliminate on its own.

Here’s a nice article with some instructions.  


  1. Hi Carrie – Love your blog! I also love my coffee enemas!
    I’d like to put a link to your blog on my own…I’m thinking that will be ok with you…just checking.


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