“Are you sure you want to remove the remnants of no-longer-used programs and files?” my computer security and cleanup system asked. Immediately, I said “yes” feeling like it was perfectly in line with what has been happening within me lately…emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

For those who may be unfamiliar, “Cache” [pronounced ‘cash’] is a reserved section of memory in computers that stores web pages visited in the past. Once deleted from the computer’s memory, it frees up space for new data. In addition, if cache is not cleared, a user is often viewing an outdated version of a website, essentially living in the past.

As part of my journey toward optimal health, I have been working at releasing stored toxic memories, emotions, and relationships that are having a negative effect on my health and the quality of my life.

Prescribed this activity by Dr. Carlos M. Garcia, who I recently met nearby in Florida, I’m only a few pages into a book he wrote,  called Cancer is a Symptom: The Real Cause Revealed. In it, Dr. Garcia correlates the buildup of life’s fearful, stressful, or otherwise negative interactions to pebbles thrown into a pond.

Most rarely ponder the piled layers upon the bottom, yet the accumulation of negativity lies beneath, presenting itself physically (as acidity), emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Digging deep and addressing the issues is not quite as easy as pressing the buttons ctrl + shift + delete, but it has been flowing naturally and astrologically this week, and has also been recommended to me by other physicians and intuitives.

While most conventional doctors will perform a variety of scans, some including nuclear substances that make you radioactive for 48 hours, the scan of one’s mind, body, and soul for residual toxic emotions is rarely discussed.

I feel it should be a required part of protocol, backed by research that indicates a strong correlation between trauma and chronic stress and many dis-eases, including breast cancer.

The lingo is “find a cure” the reality is “go for conventional treatment” but where more focus is needed is on the cause.

Checking your junk folder is highly recommended. For most, there is undoubtedly some childhood stuff, when even minor events can have a lasting impact. For me what came up this week was the shock and trauma of September 11th, which changed everything for me. The resulting, unexpected challenge of the incomprehensible-to-me war and the lack of prior preparation’s effect on our casualties and returning injured devastated me.

The stored military-wife pages in need of clearing include my ex-husband’s deployment to Afghanistan as a rescue helicopter pilot, while I watched the news in the Hamptons, often debilitated by the new, constantly-scrolling alert on the bottom of the screen that spelled the words “helicopter crash” on more than one occasion. 

Once the choice is made to “let it go,” the emotional debris can be cleared through talk therapy, visualization, sound healing, hypnosis, affirmations, or prayer. I am doing it all.

A “side benefit” of this healing and preventative treatment is the creation of room for beneficial new data, images, and experiences and the ability to view life in the present rather than a lens of the past.