Don’t Believe Me…Just Watch

Suck it poison pushers! My body is healing itself. I have declined conventional methods of treatment, I am supporting my body in its quest to balance and repair itself, and it is working.


Initially there were three suspicious tumors in the same breast, and enlarged nearby lymph nodes that the oncologist also felt were suspicious (staging it at 3B).

Five months later, the MRI comparison study reported the “dominant mass”  and the other tumors were smaller in size. Great news! The lymph nodes were “without obvious pathologic features” (though there was no down-staging, for some reason).


I am tuning in and educating myself.

I am seeking counsel and support from those who have an interest in helping the body, mind, and Spirit  function at an optimal level.

And for now..I’m sticking to my current plan.


Published by Carrie Ann Salvi

Truth teller in multi media

3 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Me…Just Watch

  1. Inspiring, freakishly pure and piercing. I applaude your resolve and candor. Good mind, good results. I send positive energy your way and pledge to feed all avenues of hope in your quest to naturally and organically, beat down this monster. Go girl.

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