Don’t Believe Me…Just Watch

Suck it poison pushers! My body is healing itself. I have declined conventional methods of treatment, I am supporting my body in its quest to balance and repair itself, and it is working.


For my followers and family who want updates on the diagnostic facts: In August, the largest area of concern measured approximately 6.6 cm x 3.7 cm x 3.3 cm. There were two other suspicious tumors in the same breast, the largest measuring 1.1 cm x 1.8 cm and enlarged nearby lymph nodes that the oncologist felt were highly suspicious (staging it at 3B).

Five months later, the MRI comparison study reported the “dominant mass” at 4.6 cm x 3.1 cm by 2.8 cm and the other tumors were also smaller in size. Great news! The lymph nodes were “without obvious pathologic features” (though there was no down-staging, for some reason). Having denied her former recommendation to receive chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, the breast surgeon said she was “not impressed,” and wished I would consider Tamoxifen, a hormone-blocking drug, which she admitted is known to cause cervical cancer and heart disease, and has a host of life-destroying side effects.

Also not content with my success was the oncologist-du-jour, who I selected because he was open to IV vitamin therapy. He did admit that chemotherapy is often not effective for this type of breast cancer, after he recommended a few rounds and I questioned him regarding the choice.

My goal is to be healthy. To me, relying on the advice of a doctor to regain my health is like relying on a new car salesman to repair my existing car…

It’s not what they are educated or interested in. It’s not how they make their living…


Instead, I am tuning in and educating myself.

I am seeking counsel and support from those who have an interest in helping the body, mind, and Spirit  function at an optimal level.

And for now..I’m sticking to my current plan.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Me…Just Watch

  1. Inspiring, freakishly pure and piercing. I applaude your resolve and candor. Good mind, good results. I send positive energy your way and pledge to feed all avenues of hope in your quest to naturally and organically, beat down this monster. Go girl.

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