Back in NY for Medical Marijuana

When I moved to Florida in 2014, I thought medicinal marijuana was weeks away from legalization. That wasn’t the reason I was moving there, but it was definitely an exciting possibility. You see, although I wasn’t yet officially diagnosed, I knew I was dealing with breast cancer, and I knew that the traditional treatment was of no interest to me. I have not been sick one day, and destroying my body’s immune system with toxic drugs and radiation makes no sense to me.

Legalization was narrowly defeated in November, and I was diagnosed with stage 3B invasive ductal carcinoma shortly afterwards. Using my natural health industry and journalism experience, I created and began my own personal holistic health protocol.

I was receiving IV vitamin infusions at a holistic doctor’s office when I met a fellow in the recliner next to me who shared his story. He was headed to hospice with stage 4 colon cancer,  a colostomy, and failed rounds of chemotherapy that nearly killed him by destroying his immune system. When the doctors at a highly-esteemed hospital told him that the chemotherapy didn’t work but suggested more, he said “No, thank you.”marijuana-3000-2000-wallpaper

My new friend tried medicinal marijuana instead, along with an organic diet, vitamin infusions, and natural supplements. His health returned. Months later his scan showed he was completely cleared of cancer, and the hospital reversed his colostomy.

Incredibly inspired and hopeful from his personal account, and devastated by stories of those who unsuccessfully went the conventional route, I wanted the medicinals more.

As it became legalized in other states, and more research became available, I began to write about the amazing benefits of marijuana, including how the herb was shrinking cancerous tumors and killing cancer cells without affecting healthy cells, yet it was illegal for me to try it!

Luckily, I learned of a legal way to get the plant in my body, through research and the televised story of the Figi family of Colorado. I saw them on a CNN documentary and later interviewed Paige Figi, who watched the plant save her daughter’s life in one dose.


The Figis now help thousands of kids with thousands of seizures a day gain access to this miracle plant  through the non-profit Realm of Caring. The “Charlotte’s Web” strain is derived from hemp without the psychoactive properties of THC, just cannabidiol, “CBD.”

I also began using a legal CBD tincture purchased online from Canada. However, it is the whole plant that works best to strengthen the immune system to fight off cancer (with anti-anxiety as a side benefit).


I then read that New York had legalized marijuana for medicinal use, and that the first dispensary was to open in Riverhead. This was minutes from where I had been living on Long Island for the the majority of my life. Yes, I had to move back to try this.

Though I had success with my natural protocol, I knew I still had a lump and I wanted to see what cannabis could do before I considered surgery, which has ridiculous risks, and benefits that are too often not long-lasting.

So here I am back on Long Island, moving to a peaceful, car-less barrier island with miles of pristine beaches to work, play, and heal. (Time outdoors in nature is a big part of my health plan.)

I have seen a primary doctor here on Long Island who specializes in marijuana certification for approved methods and conditions, and I was drug tested to be sure I am not using any File Apr 30, 5 50 14 PMother illegal drugs. I was quickly approved for a liquid extract with both CBD and THC that you just squirt under the tongue. So far, this is the only legal form in NY.

I will be sharing my experience with the new medicinals, so stay tuned.

Please feel free to follow, share and contribute any stories you might have. I am so excited to be alive at this time when thought, law, and lifestyle changes are finally putting an end to needless suffering.

If you would like to support my health care, donations are welcomed here.





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