Summer on Fire Island: My Health Plan

As part of my health plan, of which sunshine, nature, exercise, yoga and peaceful surroundings are a huge part, I find myself today, on the new moon and beginning of August, living in Fire Island, NY just steps from the Atlantic Ocean.

On a car-less summer island, I travel barefoot to neighboring communities on the beach or sandy back roads, to explore, visit with friends, listen to music, or write, photograph, and sell  for the Fire Island News. How blessed am I? I am enjoying the beach life and have been fortunate to cover some amazing territory and events for the newspaper (more to come on those).


Lots of friendly, free-roaming deer for sure, and so much more. Here is a photographic glimpse of my Fire Island travels, so far.

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I refer to my tiny, secluded beach cottage as my hospital room sometimes, to remind myself that while most diagnosed with cancer are forced into terrifying thoughts, treatments, and surroundings, I have bravely and gratefully chosen a mindset and road less traveled. I am sure that has a lot to do with why I am still here to write about it, six years later, still in perfect health (aside from the tumor in my left breast).

It’s not easy living the life of the rich and famous (well paying the rent anyway), whether it is on Fire Island, Shelter Island, or the Hamptons. It is expensive, as is my health protocol, which now includes sublingual (under the tongue) liquid extract of medical marijuana. In order to make ends meet on a journalist salary, I cut back on what is not necessary in order to survive, literally (and have gotten by with a little help from my friends, which is much appreciated).

Many things I’ve eliminated are not necessary anyway, and even harmful. Like health insurance, which pays for treatments and diagnostics that can spread cancer instead of those that prevent and/or cure it. The money I would spend on that is currently paying for my medicine, which is legal in only a dozen or so states, yet it is the most promising treatment I’ve learned about in my six years of research. So much so, that I have also cut out most of the other supplements listed in my health protocol too, during my own clinical trial. My body seems to really want this medicine, according to applied kinesiology testing by my health practitioner in Sag Harbor, and my own intuition and observations.

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I cut back on food intake, too. More and more research shows how decreased calories and body fat gains points for the immune system vs. the cancerous cells created by its malfunction. Putting my pennies to good use, I save them for essentials such as organic juice and coffee, acai bowls, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats like avocados and coconut oil.

I return to my oceanside cocoon before dark most evenings, because there are no street lights where I live 🙂 and because sleep is essential for healing and regeneration. I am usually quieted down and in bed before 10, which is also best for hormone balance. Of course I make exceptions for nights where there is live music that I cannot ignore, because dancing, healthy socialization and music is a big part of my healing too, in the often-overlooked category of positive energy and happiness. Speaking of that, I do not watch television for the most part, and NEVER turn on the news or engage in political discussions.

I’ve been fortunate to have visited Shelter Island, a former home of mine, and a few short trips to  Montauk and the Hamptons while out east for refills from Columbia Care’s Riverhead cannabis dispensaryI am grateful to have  caught a few of my favorite local performers,  on the Island and while out on the East End. Here are a few pics of music I’ve been blessed to see so far this summer.

I am not sure where I am headed after the Fire Island News prints our last issue of the season on Labor Day weekend, but feel free to offer suggestions or stay tuned. Thanks as always for your ongoing prayers and positive thoughts. I feel them!


4 thoughts on “Summer on Fire Island: My Health Plan

  1. That looks like an awesome place to be. I love taking my shoes off and walking on the beach. I totally agree that conventional cancer treatments do more harm than good but they are big moneymakers so nobody will admit it. I wish I knew that when my dad had cancer in the late nineties. I now work for a company that makes herbal health products and we often get calls from desperate people who have been made worse by conventional treatments.


  2. Simply Amazing Carrie Ann! You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey and educating and inspiring along the way! GO WONDERFUL, FABULOUS YOU!💜😘💜😘


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