Don’t Race or Ribbon for Me

It’s that time of year again, I am starting to see the races that support hospitals and pharmaceutical companies disguised as events to benefit those diagnosed with breast cancer.

My latest invite…one I thought could actually benefit me this time, was a retreat for “survivors” with tai chi, crystals and essential oils.  I was excited. I then read on to see a “discussion” with doctors, some of whom had recommended I cut off my breast, radiate and poison myself.

I can no longer keep quiet watching innocent people tortured, after learning the truth and never being sick a day following  my protocol.

I, along with others who have defied conventional doctors’ orders, are here to say, “Please, do your own research.” 

Cannabis and other natural remedies and practices are clearing the body of cancerous cells. Over the last five years I have sought out the truth, and it is available to all. 

I have also seen hundreds of testimonials.


Do you truly want to help someone struggling with the disease? Just find someone, it’s easy, and ask them how you can help.

Or help by sharing valuable truth. Bring “Awareness” to fight the fear and the toxic treatments. Support options that help people to regain health in a Divine way…by enhancing the body’s innate intelligence and immune system through cleansing, food, exercise, sunshine, water, flowers and herbs. 

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