Cannabis, Living Where It Is Legal Medicine

I am both elated and infuriated by the research pouring in about the benefits of the cannabis plant. It is helping so many people of all ages and conditions, and I see it first hand now at the dispensary I have been frequenting on my own health journey.

It is such a crime that a plant with so many healing properties has been kept from the public for so long, and is still now illegal in half of the United States.

Even the CBD (cannabidiol) part of the plant that produces NO PSYCHOACTIVE EFFECTS is healing children of seizures and adults of Parkinson’s disease and so much more, yet they have to move to a legal state and fork up lots of cash to obtain it.conditionsmap_340

I myself moved back to NY to obtain legal weed to treat breast cancer and I am amazed at the lack of knowledge. The public, the doctors, and even the police officers are not aware of the legality of this plant or what it is capable of.

So here I am,  on Long Island, unable to return to Florida (perhaps after Election Day) so I will make the best of it. How? By gathering and sharing information about the plant and its benefits.

 Stay tuned!

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