My Favorite Cleanse: Yes, You Can Eat

It seems there are lots of misconceptions about cleansing. Well, there are many types.

My Favorite? Isagenix 9-Day full body nutritional cleanse 

Just 2 cleanse days, 5 shake days, 2 cleanse days… That’s the basics of the 9-day program from IsagenixOn “cleanse days” you drink a fruity cleanse beverage a few times a day, which supports your body’s organs in decreasing fat and toxins. This helps to naturally increase your metabolism, mood, immune system and energy.

During a cleanse day, you eat little but you can snack on Isagenix snacks, fiber bars, or chocolates. In addition or instead, stock up on raw almonds and green vegetables like cucumbers and celery for throughout the cleanse. Those who require more can add one apple or a slice of whole grain toast.

Isadelight chocolates are Heaven sent for cleanse days, and you can also eat two, twice a day, every day as needed. They contain green tea, B vitamins and antioxidants for mood and craving relief as well as natural energy and fat burning properties! They are simply delicious! So are the high-quality protein meal replacement shakes that build healthy cells, lean muscle and strong bones. I drink them all year long and change up the flavors.

You also eat one real reasonable meal for those five shake days! Lunch is preferred, but you can swap your “real meal” for dinner it if that fits better for your work schedule, social life or family situation.

The Hardest Part?

Avoiding sugar, alcohol, processed foods. I allow myself one or two cups of Isagenix coffee during the 9 day cleanse. It is alkaline balanced and contains coconut oil and trace minerals!

Why is Isagenix my favorite cleanse?

Because it works for me…mentally and physically!  I do a cleanse once or twice a year.

Cleansing impurities and flooding the body with high-grade absorbable protein can  strengthen your immune system as much as 500%!

While health is the highest priority… appearance wise, I am always pleased! I find it easy and I love the drinks, shakes and bars. Plus, it is easier than planning meals.

My resultsimg_6971

I am not a scale person. I really don’t care that much about how much I weigh, although I stay pretty steady when I am checked at medical visits. I can also see it in how my clothes fit and I have noticed fat loss after only 3 days!

After I cleanse, I wake up earlier, I have more energy, and my cravings for bad things diminish. All of this sometimes begins by day 3!

It is fun to measure all of the parts of the body and see how many inches you lose over the 9 days. There are a ridiculous amount of success stories of people who have lost lots of sizes.

A chat with my coach!

Though Isagenix wasn’t mentioned specifically, details on the health benefits of cleansing were discussed in my recent Local TV chat with Christa Schleicher.

Do I make money from recommending this product? 

It is definitely possible. If others love these products as much as I do, and order them regularly, I could make money.

Don’t fret of about fears of network marketing. You can choose to support big box stores, corporate wellness chains, high paid CEOs (and barely paid staff members) if you prefer. Personally, I see the rationale behind a company skipping advertising costs and corporate chain fees.  Instead, associates who share their love of Isagenix products are rewarded.

Contact me if you would like any more information. There is no pressure of any kind, and I would be happy to help you customize a cleanse or maintenance order that will work for your needs and goals. There is a money back guarantee, and autoship orders can be postponed or canceled at any time.

For confidential information and sharing, feel free to join my Facebook group where I offer tips and tricks and helpful articles. I also have a public Isagenix Consultant Facebook page with lots of information too.

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