Back in Florida: Living The Dream

My quest for health and happiness has planted me back in Florida, alongside my new lemon tree, strawberries, pineapples, aloe, mint, and basil.  I am ridiculously grateful to be here, it is such a gift to listen to the birds and my favorite tunes while enjoying the sunshine. Regardless of time of day or wind direction, I can count on amazing views of the waterway from the living room, kitchen, deck, dock, kayak, or lounge chair. It feels healthy, like somewhere I could plant and prosper.

From my  years of health research, I have learned that one of the keys to it all was in a favorite Eagles song… “a peaceful, easy feeling.”

“More of this, please,” I told Jesus and Archangel Michael, my two BFFs, but they already knew. I am sure they played a part in placing me here with Mother Nature,  for my own good and the good of all. I know I Am in the right place.

Springing forward with visions gathered over my summer on Fire Island, and fall in the Hamptons,  it is time to create my ideal life. I am ready and willing to use my God-given gifts to uplift myself and others too!

Whenever possible, I seek to use my gifts and skills to support businesses that share my ethics. Well I also like to support them financially too, and the opposite is true.


With the majority of our household products controlled by a few corporations (that I do not trust with my health) I have decided to give Melaleuca products and business a try.

Melaleuca’s CEO, Frank L. Vandersloot, said that he wanted to give people the chance at the American Dream…of being successful. Not just environmentally friendly, but helping us humans to live our values. For us to have purpose, to be balanced and still productive. For us to be able to do more that is important to us.

I believed him when I watched him say these things in a video that I watched while I sat on my deck looking at the water. I would love to use my time and talents to keep myself and others healthy and our environment safe and clean

Cheers to the American Dream!