Do You Get Me?

“You’re leaving like a gypsy in the night, with your dying cat and your eco-friendly cleaning products,” said a former male potential partner, loudly and judgmentally,  with his Floridian redneck accent.

It was not last summer, but the summer before, when I was asked to come work as a staff reporter for the Sag Harbor Express, coverage that was needed imminently. I was packing the car to head north, and yes, one of my cats was dying.

112_1268Lots of men have criticized my perceived over-packing, but this particular one could not understand the amount of toiletries and cleaning products I was bringing for my summer stay on Long Island.

He just didn’t get me.

What’s so hard to get? I had just started using them and I loved them and they were safe for me and the cats. Even though I had committed to ordering from Melaleuca monthly, I still wanted to bring all of my new favorites, knowing I would want to try other things.


Melaleuca’s cleaning products are made with essentials oils, and I use many of their oils for various purposes.

I always live in waterfront communities, where residents should be especially aware of what they put into the ground and water.

You might hear it once in awhile around Earth Day on mainstream media, but then advertisers shame you into pouring poisonous chemicals down your drain or on that dandelion-free green lawn. Eventually, they kill sea life, and yes, people too.

Ironically, dandelions have cancer-killing properties, while pesticides have cancer-causing chemicals, and Parkinson’s too. Both conditions affect me and my family.

So yes, I will live responsibly and authentically despite what anyone thinks, and while I do pack lighter each time I travel, I will bring along whatever I feel is in my best interests.

That guy, he wasn’t. I left Florida and never saw him again. As for the Melaleuca products, I see them in every room every day, and recently started my own business sharing them with others…those who get me.





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