Keep Christ in Cannabis

I watched the Ten Commandments on TV last night and cannabis prohibition wasn’t mentioned.

I have also been researching Jesus Christ of Nazareth lately along with natural health remedies, because it turns out the keys to healing were all mentioned in the Bible.

My own personal health plan prioritizes essential oils of frankincense and myrrh, which were brought to Jesus at birth and used in his healing practices, for example.

But today I want to talk about another important piece of my health plan, something else that was in marijuanabudthe holy anointing oil used by Jesus, cannabis. (Exodus 30:22-23)

Jesus Christ was a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of cannabis. It has also been written that those he anointed with the herb, received ‘knowledge of all things.’

Regardless of religious belief, the use of cannabis precedes the writing of history, which was written on paper made from cannabis. Cannabis was also used for clothing, paper, cord, sails, fishnet, oil (go figure), as well as food, relaxation and medicine.

In addition to topical applications for pain, inflammation and skin conditions, cannabis was also inhaled back in the day. Before the invention of pipes, cannabis was vaporized along with other herbs within tents. Side effects included ‘unfading bliss.’

As I have shared previously via published articles, this blog, and my pilot TV episode of Live Unconventionally, I chose cannabis over chemotherapy as the most promising treatment for cancer. Using nature as my health plan, I have enjoyed perfect health for the full five years since diagnosis.


I have found support for my decision through my own research, prayer, meditation, and Facebook groups including Christians for Cannabis, that believe cannabis is a gift from God.

Whether you are Christian or not, anything called “Health Care” should include information on, access to, and coverage of the cannabis plant in all forms.

Patients should not have to do their own research, fight with doctors, beg for access, move from state to state to obtain it, spend thousands of dollars out of pocket, and wait 90-days to get approved. Nobody should not be feared and forced into alternative toxic deadly treatments “first” or “too” either….

For the good of all and to harm none…

In Jesus Name…