Health Care, Really?

Despite the misery of most Americans, one piece of news this week was in my favor, regarding health care.

While I empathize with those who are hurting, I myself am without health insurance intentionally. I believe health is our own responsibility (with exceptions of course) and that health plans are unique to each individual. (My current plan is a permanent page of this blog).

Many conditions are avoidable and curable with diet and lifestyle and within nature.  I do not believe for one second that health care can be found in institutions filled with deadly germs, pharmaceutical accidents, toxic tests, and life-threatening surgeries.

As a “hands off” kind of girl, especially when it comes to my health, the fact that our government has a say in what I do for my health frightens and enrages me (which is not good for my health).

I am also not a fan of subsidizing many things with my taxes, especially vaccines that may harm children and health conditions (and abortions) that could be avoided with better choices. Meanwhile, I was fined for refusing to purchase government health insurance, which did not cover any treatments or test choices that I felt would benefit my health.

So this week I will at least be grateful that I no longer have to pay a fine to make my own health choices.


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