Back in NY, Lots To Come

Despite overwhelming demand by voters, Florida’s government failed its residents, including me. Politicians could not agree on how many retail medical marijuana outlets should profit from the herbal medicine, so patients who depended on the plant are still denied access, until October at least.

So I am back in NY again, making the best of the situation with family, friends, and the amazing beachlife Long Island offers. 20160905_190915

I am looking forward to being out and about in The Hamptons, and working as an event photographer for The East Hampton Star.

The Live Unconventionally TV show, born at LTV Studios in Wainscott, will continue too and there is much to come!

First to air on the Town of East Hampton’s Channel 20, and video on demand at  will be an episode I recorded this Spring in Florida. A casual chat with my Floridian Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Lisa Maharajh, explains why my winters are spent there.

We were photobombed by a boat, a few ducks and a rainstorm, but it is all good when it comes to nature, a key theme of the show and my health plan.

I will also be sharing the expertise of my doctors on Long Island, my holistic File Apr 30, 5 49 01 PMchiropractor, homeopath, and medical marijuana doctor!

We keep it light and informative with tips for all who seek health and truth.

Stay tuned… and follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter if you wish!

Questions or comments are welcomed.

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