Getting It Off My Chest

“Our cells know the truth,” according to Sondra Barrett, Ph.D., “our physiology responds to what we’re thinking, including what we don’t want people to know.”

Untold traumas can cause cells to broadcast danger signals that trigger adrenaline and stress hormones. When that stress is sustained, the immune system starts to malfunction.

“When we release the stories and feelings that torment us, our cells respond with great relief and once again become havens of safety,” Dr. Barrett wrote.

“Telling your story may be the most powerful medicine on Earth” says Dr. Lissa Rankin in Mind Over Medicine. 

“We all have stories–ongoing and ever-changing–that we tell ourselves to make sense of our lives. They can help us heal and powerfully guide us through life, or just as powerfully, hold us back,” Judith Fertig advised in an article I tore out and put in my ‘to do’ folder back in 2014.

I wrote about the need to release some stuffed trauma myself in a blog post a few years ago but it finally flew out of me from the deep trenches of my heart. While much was deleted and many names were changed, the rest I shared as downloadable e-books.

Ca at vigil for war deadThe memoirs are based on actual events before, during, and after Sept. 11. My personal thoughts and experiences include Army wife-life at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and the Air National Guard base in Westhampton Beach, N.Y.

While there is harsh language, truth and drama, there is also some sex and humor to keep things on the lighter side.

My post-divorce adventures and self-discovery includes my career as a journalist on Shelter Island, Sag Harbor and the Hamptons.

CwordsThe third memoir begins when I arrive in Florida, seeking peace and healing.

My travels also include summers in New York, where I navigate the possibilities for truth telling and medical marijuana.

The dating dialogues continue too, including a dip into the online scene.

Downloadable books are available on, Barnes and Noble, and elsewhere around the internet.



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