How Do You Deal?

bitmoji171286231Everyday life can be traumatizing.

With social media and its 24-hour news cycle, I have realized the importance of recognizing this.

And trying to deal.

As I explained in my last post, I’ve dealt with past government, relationship and health care trauma by writing memoirs.

The look back has led to other important realizations too, such as how I’ve dealt with trauma in the past…what tools did I use?

How did I cope?

Was it healthy?

What works?

DSC_0712Sunshine (vitamin D) and time in nature…they both absolutely work for me.

IMG_3388Cannabis, that too.

These days we can get specific thanks to sites like

The Sour Diesel sativa strain was prescribed for me by a medical marijuana doctor for pain, anxiety and PTSD.

Yoga and aromatherapy also work for me.

Links can be found on the Healthy Lifestyle page along with other products that help me de-stress.

How do you deal?


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