Getting Out of Touch

Some have been frustrated with my lack of communication lately.


I am taking extended breaks from my phone to reacquaint with myself and review my past.

Going deep and touching those feelings is not something you can do on a schedule. They may show up at 4am or when I am attempting a conversation with the neighbor.

Also, to maintain my health I have been sticking to my health plan.

I am purifying my life and limiting things like sitting, talking, eating, people, places, plans, news, noise, negativity, driving and drama.

I feel I need to do this just to survive in this day and age.

This week alone the PTSD mentioned in my last post was triggered by a helicopter crash in Syria killing members of Westhampton’s 106th Rescue Wing as well as tornado warnings throughout the south.


I took this photo of downtown Clarksville Tennessee the next morning

When I am not writing or creating in some way, I am enjoying peaceful time alone with nature sounds and benefits of sunlight, relaxation, water views and salty air.

Indoors, I skip TV or record comedies and programs that do not trigger negative emotions and fast forward commercials.

I listen to music playlists or Pandora channels tailored to my moods or goals.

I unplug early, take lavender baths and get lots of quality sleep.

How do you deal?

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