Single on Purpose: an Unconventional Life

“It would be easier,” my mother replied matter-of-factly when I mentioned the option of being married to my career instead of a man this morning.

Another mother figure, my ex-mother-in-law, said something similar, back in those days.

We were watching one of my favorite HBO series, Six Feet Under, and she was particularly fond of the freelance massage therapist who just had a threesome with two beach boys. They walked up to her beach cottage and asked her for a joint, then one thing led to others.

“If I had it to do all over again, I think I would live an unconventional life like Brenda,” my ex-mother-in-law told me, days before she died.

I appreciated her honesty. That conversation inspired the name of my blog.

It made me understand myself. It wasn’t about Brenda’s acts with random beach boys. In addition to my unconventional health views, I want to represent those who choose to forego the 9-5, coupled & kid lifestyles.

It is not easy, and it is not for everybody.

Others often assume I am waiting on a man to feel complete or content. I am not. It was my choice to become single and my decisions have led me to feel happy and healthy.

I enjoy my own company, time with friends and nature, and the abundant opportunities for relaxation, peace, silence, creative thought and expression.

The Live Unconventionally blog hopes to encourage others to follow their instincts, hearts and dreams and to make effective life, health care and relationship choices.

Be Well,


Carrie Ann

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