2009 through 2019

I saw this #2009vs2019 hashtag trending and thought it a great opportunity to show that I have had #hair and #health all along my holistic journey.

You see, again, my personal story was published with a photograph of a bald woman. It saddens me that chemo is so commonplace that the loss of hair is expected of those dealing with cancer.

I hope that more people deny the toxic treatments pushed by most American medical doctors in favor of a plan that is better for their health.

I also hope that news journalists forego mentions of this dangerous treatment and photographs of victims of chemotherapy every time they share an article about cancer.

My health plan is a permanent page of this blog. Feel free to share with those who may benefit.

I am also using this hashtag and post to wrap the past and start fresh. It is time for new beginnings and fun in the sun!

Kick off your shoes and join me in following your dreams!


Carrie Ann

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