Candlemaking is nothing new to me, I started back in 2010.

My original creations were poured into glasses from recycled wine and beer bottles.

I never poured beeswax though. I feared it would be too pricy.

As it turned out, the soy candles I poured wound up being too pricy. In addition, I could not support the soy industry any longer due to the genetic modification and hormone disrupting tendencies of soybeans.

Anyway, I just poured some beeswax candles in covered tins and glass jars and I am selling them on Ebay. They have a natural honey scent, they burn clean, and they burn long with proper wick trims (1/4 inch, every time).

Because of the price of the organic essential oils, I am custom pouring those candles. Contact me via my candle page with inquiries.

Made with and sent with Love & Light,

Carrie Ann