Found My Inner Child

I never knew what ‘finding your inner child’ meant. Truthfully I thought it was new-age bullshit, but lately I have been finding my childhood in the most important aspects of my health care plan.

The more I practice self-care, the more it resembles caring for a child.

While I don’t fit into my favorite red pajamas any longer, I wrap myself in my favorite blanket as often as possible. I take a bath and go to bed around 8 p.m. most nights.

I carry my bottle around, currently a Yeti filled with organic coffee or smoothies. Sometimes I have warm organic milk before bedtime.

I eat frequent small healthy snacks, and take naps, too, as good food and sleep are essential to avoid crankiness and sickness.

I never liked being trapped indoors or practicing organized sports, but cute outfits and outside play in the sunshine is high on my list of priorities.

Running from the first day of school in a dress my mother made, with my own twist on the purple socks.
Our Lady of Grace full back, Carrie Ann, didn’t like being kicked or told what to do.

“Love one another as I loved you,” He said, according to my first communion classes.

Sometimes I get angry, feel frustrated or wronged. I use bad words, but it is better than stuffing my emotions.

I ask Jesus for forgiveness and patience, and He helps me see the good in myself and other people.

Take care,

XO Carrie Ann

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