THIS blog was created to celebrate and share unconventional lifestyles and health care.

My health situation, relationship choices, and astrological birth chart have led me to work from home in the past, and when I heard my niece Stefani speak at one of her Rodan and Fields skin care socials, she called her husband, a police officer, and their future family “her why” for choosing a career that she works from her phone.

My “why” has changed over the years, and for now it is all about self care and nature, my health plan.

I am happiest and healthiest when I have time outdoors, in the sunshine, planting lemons, lavender, pineapples and appreciating all of God’s gifts.

I am so proud of Stefani for following her love of skin care and working from home. I am also grateful for her skin care recommendations and her latest creation, my great nephew Salvi!

My quick chat with Stefani is here.
Stefani Bryant of SB Beauty Long Island chats about following her passion and the parent / police lifestyle