Episode 5 and 6 on Local TV

Dr. Joe Dituri was the expert guest on my latest Live Unconventionally TV episode. If you missed the chat with my Floridian friend, you can view it on our YouTube channel or with a search of Live Unconventionally on video on demand page of LTV’s website.

The retired Naval Commander, diving expert, professor and research scientist shared valuable information for all.

Carrie Ann interviews Dr. Dituri about hyperbaric medicine

Me and the doc go way back to high school on Long Island, and I have visited his Undersea Oxygen Clinic in Tampa, where he is saving lives on a regular basis.

Candles made possible by honeybees

Next up, it is all about the candles and the bees.

Watch me melt and pour aromatherapy beeswax candles, explaining the process and reasoning, and hulahooping as the wax melts.

safety tips include never leaving hot wax unattended

Tune into the show with any electronic device via livestream at ltveh.org or watch it on television in East Hampton town on channel 20.

Tuesdays 10pm (6/04, 6/11)

Thursdays 5:30am (6/06, 6/13)

Fridays 1:30pm (6/07, 6/14)

Sundays 1pm (6/09, 6/16)

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