Election 2020 Memories

First I was shadow banned on Instagram for posting facts about health.

Then I was fact-checked, erroneously, with a warning on my factual posts by Facebook (scheduled for deletion)

I lost all cell and wifi service on election night. Just after ‘checking in’ at the White House with some facts (canceled Verizon)

Trump was winning by a landslide, as expected by his voters, but then some states stopped counting. Some asked poll workers to leave, some poll workers observed and testified. They opened boxes of preprinted ballots and entered them, not realizing this was all available on video.

Deliveries were received overnight, boxes of ballots, via USPS trucks when most Americans went to bed!

ALL VOTES ADDED OVERNIGHT WERE FOR DEMOCRATS. More people voted than were registered to vote in many cases.

Delivery drivers and poll workers have admitted to the fraud, and some have been arrested.

Computer programmers who changed votes from Trump to Biden have also confesssed, on video.

Some proud Democrats shared on social media that they voted 20 times.

IDs were not required.

Some received pre-printed ballots in the mail.

Thousands of dead people voted.

The mainstream media ignored all the evidence of fraud

So did the incoming fraudulent administration

Meanwhile, at least 800 million patriots are expected to accept a stolen election.

This is not about one man.

This is about all of us, and our freedom.

This is about all of those who sacrificed and died for those freedoms.

We remember Joey Theinert on Shelter Island every day.