My Health Plan

My health plan is not something that can be purchased or attained from a corporation.

It is a plan, literally, part of my goal to achieve and maintain mental and physical health.

In general with goals, you need a plan for them to be accomplished.

There are no magic injections or insurance policies that will insure our health.

My health plan is a permanent page of this blog. It is also described in photos and words within this blog.

I have also added a permanent page with healthy lifestyle links should you wish to see products from share-a-sale affiliates I have curated for online purchases.

I wrote a memoir about my research and health care practitioner search.

CWords by the Sea Shore
C-Words By The Sea Shore
Available as an e-read at or Barnes and Noble

I recorded local television shows for channel 20 in the Town of East Hampton, sharing more about my health plan.

Producer and host at LTV

I did all of this to help others. To show them that health care should not be scary.

To be an example that our immune systems need support, not poison, to thrive. (10 year survivor naturally)

Feel free to share with those who may benefit.


Carrie Ann