Growing Up New York: My Memoir

I finished the latest memoir, and it is on the way to me, as per an email I just received from Lulu Publishing.


It was so wonderful to go back and spend time with memories of an amazing childhood, teens and twenties, and my mentor, Mary Ellen Zawacki, DC.

Mary Ellen Zawacki, my chiropractor, my boss, my friend.
Fire Island Summer

I wrote short stories of other loves in my life as well.

Growing Up New York captures my life before the other two memoirs, Love And War In The Hamptons and C-Words By The Sea Shore.

There are photos too, in print and on this new page on this blog

I am grateful for the bright lights in my life who led me in the right directions.

This memoir is dedicated to Mary Ellen Zawacki, DC and my father, Gaspar Salvi. May they Rest In Peace.

Until we meet again.

Grandma Vincenza Realmuto’s birthday toast.