1-11: My Divorce Anniversary

It has been 11 years since I received the papers in the mail, stamped Jan-11-2011.

It was my life choice, and should be celebrated, in my opinion.

There is no ‘e’ in judgment. There is no shame in divorce.

I wrote some of the details of those years in my memoir, Love And War In The Hamptons.

Divorce is not a dirty word. It is an ending of a contract that is no longer working for both parties.

Carrie Ann Salvi enjoys her last boat party in the Hamptons.
My father, Gaspar Salvi, toasting to me moving back to New York.

Some of my marital experiences are treasures I will hold dear until the end, while still being grateful I am divorced.

The Asheville wedding

Other memories have left scars, still I celebrate my bravery in leaving an unhealthy partner.

I wish you all the strength to follow your heart and values.


Carrie Ann