Time To Talk

As another branch to this ever growing tree, allow me to introduce the Live Unconventionally podcast.

It begins with a few of my favorite blog posts, translated by Remy (a computer).

The syntax and expression is not how the author intended, but it will do for now.

Future episodes will have the multimedia blogger herself, stay tuned.

Live Unconventionally now has an Anchor, podcast on Spotify

Interview with Dr. Lisa Maharajh, a member of my health care team LIVE Unconventionally

The interview with Lisa Maharajh, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture took place at my home on the water in Florida. There was a little interference from a passing boat and shower but she is so professional and knowledgeable. This episode originally aired on LTV in East Hampton a few years ago. 
  1. Interview with Dr. Lisa Maharajh, a member of my health care team
  2. Single on Purpose: an Unconventional Life
  3. What Would Hippocrates Do?
  4. Curing Carrie: The Less-Traveled Road
  5. Hanging With Harvey: A Day in My Life
I am editing my family’s vintage photos for my memoir, Growing Up New York, coming soon to hardcover and e-readers.
I am grateful to my ancestors for passing down their gifts and photos.
I decided to retire this version of Love And War In The Hamptons, adding those chapters (and photos) into Growing Up New York. Copies are still available for those who wish.

As for health care, I am still avoiding toxic injections, consuming God’s gifts instead and trying to reduce stress.

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I wish you all the freedom to make your own choices and the strength to speak your truth.

XO Carrie Ann