Living Unconventionally

Many judge and disagree with my health care choices.

Luckily, I am not here to please others.

Diagnostic tests and treatments that do not harm my God-given body are my choice.

Herbs and vitamins proven via research to support my autoimmune system are my main medicine.

If I seem strange for denying the repeated use of toxic tests, or refusing treatments that are poison with a low success rate, I offer no apology.

If I am weird for not having blind faith in conventional medical doctors (pharmaceutical companies) and their outdated, deadly protocols or insurance companies making decisions about my health, then weird I will be.

If I am crazy for moving to Florida to access vitamin D for sunlight, and more chances for outdoor exercise and stress reduction, crazy I shall remain.

The truth is I have many more hours of education and research in health and nutrition, as well as my own condition, than most M.D.s.

Dr. Mercola is a fabulous exception, and his website and products have helped me greatly.

I choose to LIVE unconventionally, in ways that align with my mind, body and Spirit.

If you need help with your mind/body toolbox, see my share-a-sale affiliates on the Live Unconventionally blog lifestyle links page.

With love,

Carrie Ann