Thanks Giving for No Chemo

I was raised by strong people who taught me to stand up to bullies. I am giving thanks as I do all year long, but especially now. I also am grateful I worked with an amazing mentor in my twenties who taught me what health care really was. “You cannot cut, poison and burn yourselfContinue reading “Thanks Giving for No Chemo”

Remembering 9-11

I lived 30 minutes from Ground Zero and I was a military wife on 9-11. I wrote my personal story about that day and the aftermath in my memoir Love And War In The Hamptons. But the truth is the aftermath continues frequently and silently with PTSD, anxiety and an autoimmune condition caused by theContinue reading “Remembering 9-11”

Hanging With Harvey: A Day in My Life

As we drove over his Sag Harbor bridge, I told Harvey about Jordan Haerter. Then, at the traffic circle I told him about Joey Theinert, pointing to Shelter Island, where a ferry is named for him. I poured my heart out about my memoir, my ex and my father. I told him how it was so hard to live in the Hamptons where people seem to have no idea we are at war. I told him how I cut a lot out of my memoirs.

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

An employee at the Trulieve dispensary in New Port Richey, Florida also thought that my patient number was cool.  I am one of the first.
Also of note is that you can pay the Florida Department of Health for your card and renewal with a debit card

Watch “Love And War In The Hamptons, A Memoir Trailer” on YouTube

This short musical trailer gives a glimpse into my memoir of my life as a military wife during the beginning of the Iraq War. My now ex-husband was deployed while I tried to deal in the Hamptons.

Single on Purpose: an Unconventional Life

“It would be easier,” my mother replied matter-of-factly when I mentioned the option of being married to my career instead of a man this morning. Another mother figure, my ex-mother-in-law, said something similar, back in those days. We were watching one of my favorite HBO series, Six Feet Under, and she was particularly fond ofContinue reading “Single on Purpose: an Unconventional Life”

Watch my latest doctor chat on YouTube

A casual chat with Dr. Lisa Maharajh, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, about common sense methods of diagnosis, stress reduction, and more.–6NgZMHlKg

Cannabis Please for Parkinson’s Disease

I wrote this article last week for Green Flower Media, but mostly I wrote it for my mother. She suffers from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The article also links to a story I wrote about my own journey toward the medicinal weed for breast cancer. Decades of negative stigma and false information about theContinue reading “Cannabis Please for Parkinson’s Disease”

Just ONE thing

I was back in New York for the holidays, reminiscing with family over vintage photos and Christmas Cream, a decadent adult treat bottled and gifted annually by family friends, when I recalled a conversation I had earlier with my niece about chia seeds.  “That’s my one thing I do to prevent cancer,” she said. IContinue reading “Just ONE thing”

The Hemp Plant Saved Charlotte, and Many Others

Within months of treatment with oil called Cannabidiol (CBD), Charlotte was able to walk, talk, and feed herself. The treatment has high amounts of CBD. It’s a potent, natural product of the Cannabis plant… Yet Charlotte’s Web does not contain chemicals that get you high.

The Marijuana Plant Saved Charlotte, and Many Others

An excerpt from an article I wrote for the Institute for Natural Healing… Five-year old Charlotte Figi had a genetic disorder called Dravet syndrome, she had hundreds of seizures a week. That was three years ago. Charlotte’s parents began a hospice program because she was starving to death. Their daughter was barely able to swallow water. FacedContinue reading “The Marijuana Plant Saved Charlotte, and Many Others”

Cleaning Out Unnecessary Files and Toxic Emotions

As part of my journey toward optimal health, I have been working at releasing stored toxic memories, emotions, and relationships that are having a negative effect on my health and the quality of my life.