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In addition to details about my health care plan, I am often asked about specific products and how to access medical marijuana.

I have been certified as a patient in both New York and Florida, the former because New York legalized it first, and the latter, where I became a permanent resident after my medicine’s legalization.

No matter where you live, you can find a wealth of information about medical marijuana at The site offers links to doctors by zip code. The laws and type of products vary state to state, since the federal government still has the plant scheduled as a harmful, addictive substance (which it is not).


Shop vaporizers at

Once you obtain cannabis flowers or oil, vapor is healthier to inhale versus smoke from rolling a joint. (It also doesn’t stink, making it easy to use discreetly.)

The dispensary will supply you with the cannabis oil cartridge and pen. They will also educate you about the strains they have on hand and their medical benefits. Your doctor will prescribe the best dose and ratio of CBD to THC for your condition.

This vaporizer was voted best of the best for dry flowers or other medicinal herbs you may wish to safely inhale. There are many other types of vape pens on that site as well.



Organic essential oil of lavender

Inhaling vapor is not the only way to utilize the amazing healing benefits of flowers. Aromatherapy is very effective too.

Essential Oil of Lavender is most essential to me for peace and relaxation.

I am also a huge fan of ylang ylang for uplifting my mood and filling my space with positive scents and good vibes.



There are many types of aromatherapy diffusers, choose what works for your style and rooms.

Himalayan salt baths are amazing too!


Shop salts and more at


Here is a non-toxic yoga mat. vitasprings_2506_329099577

MAIN__WB__hr-myb-bl__01__45973.1499433710.260.260Yoga blankets can help with home practice and meditation too.

A good eye pillow is also great for yoga, meditation and any time to unwind and relax.LavenderEyePillow__58555.1512417862

Put a few drops of essential oil of lavender to really enhance the experience.

Shop for quality, natural vitamins and supplements here.

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