Health care is a lifestyle, and stress reduction is key. Here are some of my favorite products and links.

Lavender is my favorite essential oil for peace and relaxation.

I am also a fan of ylang ylang essential oil for uplifting my mood and filling my space with sensuous vibes. I am using both oils in my beeswax candles, or they can be purchased separately for use anywhere.

Ylang Ylang


There are many types of aromatherapy diffusers, choose what works for your style and rooms.

Vaping cannabis oil with my legal medical marijuana card has been extremely helpful for sleep and stress relief.

I love using a vaporizer throughout the day for clean, odorless, relaxing herbal relief.

Vape cartridge and battery

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Himalayan salts in the bath help melt away stress
Little salt lamp plugs into computer or wall
Give the gift of tea to yourself or another.