My Favorites

I am often asked for my favorites and my secrets…


The company offers high quality essential oils and I have found their preferred customer quality and pricing and to be effective and competitive. (Message for more information).

I use the oils topically, in the bath, and as aromatherapy in the house and car.


Since my first 9-day cleanse in 2009, I have experienced amazing results, physically and mentally when consuming these foods and beverages.  I feel cleaner,  leaner, more energized and I require less sleep. 

carriechristadrinkingonsetI was re-introduced to Isagenix products in my TV episode about the importance of cleansing. Now I am using them daily and I am feeling and seeing the results!

I am now a consultant with the company!  For more information, message me, visit my Facebook page.

Rodan and Fields 

20161008_180050My niece, an esthetician, introduced me to the line, and it’s helping so many people to have great skin despite any issues. When I use the products consistently, I am amazed at the results!

I use their Redefine anti-aging regimen, and also love the exfoliating scrub, lash boost and lip serum.

Message me or visit SB Beauty Long Island for more information.

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