My Health Care

I believe health care choices should be based on current research, intuition, individual needs and circumstances. The statements below and in previous posts are my own opinions and experiences, and they are not intended as medical advice.

Doctors work for us. Our best bet is to do our own research from reputable sources and get several “expert” opinions before making choices.

I defied dozens of conventional doctors’ recommendations and created a customized health plan conducive to my budget and my desire to maintain optimal health.

It has been a seven-years that I have been dealing with invasive DCIS (ductal carcinoma) breast cancer, and I have felt perfectly healthy, physically, the entire time. I said no, repeatedly, to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and pharmaceutical drugs.

Instead, I have chosen remedies recommended by respected doctors and brave journalists who researched cures not acknowledged by most modern medical systems. Thankfully, many are revealed in the Truth about Cancer documentary series.

There is solid research validating my avoidance of conventional medicine’s standard approach. I wrote more about my decision process here.


The facts are pouring in and since the legalization of medicinal cannabis in 26 states, many have accessed the miraculous benefits of this plant. I watched a video with a microscope view of cannabis turning breast cancer cells into healthy cells!  I began using medical marijuana last May, shortly after it was legalized in New York. I am hearing many amazing testimonials in discussion groups!

12729085_10153565084501843_1752089196855962339_nBoth Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) prevent cancer cells from spreading, and stop blood supply to tumors. Side benefits include the relief from the anxiety of the diagnosis. I have been advised to add cannabis cream topically, but have not yet been able to access it legally.

Cancer killers I used topically include frankincense and myrrh essential oils. It is important to find pure, effective quality sources.

20160922_184610The oils can also help uplift and ease the emotional aspects of any disease.

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. Case in point there are the benefits to Vitamin D

If I don’t get enough, I take a natural supplement, but I prefer to follow the sun and I have moved to Florida to access nature’s healing rays.CarrieHoopShelter

For the health of my mind, body and soul, I exercise outdoors in nature whenever possible. I love to walk, kayak and hula hoop, and I jump on a trampoline, which is especially important for lymph drainage.

Stress is a major player in many leading causes of death, and emotional causes have been linked to many cancers. Mine included chronic relationship trauma, war, divorce, many moves, financial hardship, and the death of my father, treasured friends and pets.

There are also personality types that are more susceptible! The good news is that positive thoughts and lifestyle choices can be changed and corrected! Here’s a great explanation of the connection between past stress and positive thinking on the dis-ease

I am dealing with stress and the emotional causes of the dis-ease through exercise, yoga, writing, prayer, and meditation.

Our immune system knows…how to deal with cancer, and a natural, healthy diet is key to supporting it.

unnamedSleep is crucial for stress relief and balanced hormones too.  Relaxation, positive thoughts, pet therapy, music, fun, laughter, and even sex help with stress relief!

There is an abundance of evidence showing the anti-cancer effects of eating organic vegetables, especially greens, garlic, and ginger. 

IMG_7189I learned that fermented vegetables are an amazing probiotic for the digestive and immune system, and recorded a TV episode about that.

I am avoiding SUGAR, which suppresses the immune system and is well-known to be the favorite food of almost all types of cancer.

I limit processed foods and try to avoid foods that have been genetically modified or are known to disrupt hormones, like soy products and plastics.

For the first two years, I drank lots of vegetable juices. I learned that when you juice heavily, rapid detoxification and tumor cells could overwhelm the body. So, to dump toxins and tumor cells from the liver (like an oil/filter change) I did coffee enemas, a practice formerly included in medical textbooks.

I didn’t go the raw, vegan route, though many do. Instead I follow Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet (I am Type O). I prepare cooked food (wild-caught fish, organic poultry and vegetables, healthy fats) in my Dr. Mercola-approved healthy cookware to avoid chemicals that can leach into food from pots and pans.

No matter which route you take, cleansing your body of toxins is crucial.

Check out my TV episode where I discuss the benefits of cleansing.

Research shows the healing benefits of Chiropractic adjustments!  Keeping the spine aligned reduces stress and helps our brain and nervous system communicate to our body systems.

I ask those who care about me to think of me as a healthy, strong, vibrant being. I don’t like to talk about the “C” word when I am out and about enjoying life, and do not wish to “own” the dis-ease with words like “your.”

Health seekers can find more information in my past posts. Feel free to share with others who can benefit.

Click below if you would like to support my efforts with a donation.

XO Carrie Ann

22 thoughts on “My Health Care

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  2. I do not see green tea on your list… what has your research shown about tea? I too chose the alternative route, and so far have great success with it… Prayers being sent to you…positive attitude is so instrumental, and it certainly sounds like you have a great attitude!


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  4. Keep up the work. You WILL succeed. I managed my own recovery as well. See: A Plant Based Lifestyle coupled with a moderate exercise (I did yoga and walking) is great. I love that you are naturally increasing your vitamin D levels; supplements can augment this as well. Check out Ellagic Insurance Formula as well as a great supplement and immune system boost ( I get appricot kernals from Hunza Gold ( )..

    Call me for questions or email me at the web site address.


  5. FINALLY got around to checking out your blog: I’m so proud of you and your commitment to yourself and helping others who are too overwhelmed or not as knowledgeable. Good work, Carrie! You are an inspiration and an Earth Angel! Hope to see you over the holidays. XO


  6. Hi Carrie. I remember you from Lindenhurst, I came across your facebook page and then found your blog. Praying for your health and healing. Your blog is super inspirational and also very interesting reading. Wishing you peace and healing.


  7. Dearest Carrie, its been a while , maybe 3 years ago I saw you in Southampton and before when we were co-workers at the Hain-Celestial Group, remember those days! You are and have always been bright and beautiful. Keep shining your light, and thank you for sharing your info , its very empowering. G-dess Bless You and keep you in radiant health snd peace always. Are you still making candles, using your creativity ?


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  9. Love this!!!!!! great to find someone like minded!!! I
    was diagnosed similar to you May 2013 and I have refused all conventional treatment I did a most of what you have been doing for a year but it got very expensive and now i just do the Budwig diet and I am doing really well


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    • Hi Helen. I did not share my specific regimen because it changes a lot and I believe each body is different. I use applied kinesiology (muscle testing) each day. Some supplements stay the same every day, some depend on what I eat, my stress level, whether I have had sunlight, etc.


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  17. Love how you put this together and continue to be a force of information and your TRUTH.
    I look forward to sharing this with everyone who crosses my healing path and needs to be enlightened on the simplicity of taking charge of your life through being informed about our bodies and earths great, natural
    Gifts of healing. Love you & your beautiful, intelligent heart & soul my dear CarrieAnn


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