My journey through modern medicine is an e-read.

An e-read memoir by Carrie Ann Salvi

With a holistic health and journalism background, I did my research and created a health care plan and team for a c-word diagnosis.

TEN years now with NO chemotherapy, NO radiation, NO drugs and NO mastectomy.

The short stories are an easy e-read with valuable truths for all health issues. C-Words By The Sea Shore is available for download at The ebook can be read on a phone, tablet, computer, with a Kindle device or application.

Love And War In The Hamptons, in paperback

September 11th and the resulting horrors were not what this newlywed military wife expected. The aftermath included divorce and dating in the Hamptons. There is adult content and harsh language in the book, now available in paperback.

The paperback of short stories can be purchased online at or Barnes and Noble.

A glimpse behind Love and War memoir
by Carrie Ann Salvi


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