Holistic health care incorporates our everyday habits and surroundings.

Aromatherapy can help with mind and body wellness via stress reduction, but most scented options on the market are unsafe to breathe. 

Even many candles labeled as natural contain petroleum-based paraffin, which emits toxic fumes such as toluene and benzene.

Many soy candles contain genetically-modified soybeans, lead wicks, toxic fragrances and fillers. 

I am now making beeswax candles, and some are for sale on Ebay.

Not only is beeswax safest for our air quality, it actually improves it with negative ions. It also protects home furnishings, producing little to no soot. 

Covered tins and glass jar candles are now available on Ebay.

Natural essential oils can also be delivered to your door separately from our affiliate with several diffuser options.

Scented and custom beeswax candle inquiries are also welcomed below.