Hanging With Harvey: A Day in My Life

As we drove over his Sag Harbor bridge, I told Harvey about Jordan Haerter. Then, at the traffic circle I told him about Joey Theinert, pointing to Shelter Island, where a ferry is named for him. I poured my heart out about my memoir, my ex and my father. I told him how it was so hard to live in the Hamptons where people seem to have no idea we are at war. I told him how I cut a lot out of my memoirs.

Single on Purpose: an Unconventional Life

“It would be easier,” my mother replied matter-of-factly when I mentioned the option of being married to my career instead of a man this morning. Another mother figure, my ex-mother-in-law, said something similar, back in those days. We were watching one of my favorite HBO series, Six Feet Under, and she was particularly fond ofContinue reading “Single on Purpose: an Unconventional Life”

Watch my latest doctor chat on YouTube

A casual chat with Dr. Lisa Maharajh, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, about common sense methods of diagnosis, stress reduction, and more. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3-MjtZ_Ontx–6NgZMHlKg