C-Words By The Sea Shore, A Memoir Trailer



Healing Places

As stress is the cause of most dis-ease, I limit it in any possible way, as mentioned in previous posts …

Getting Out of Touch

I am purifying my life and limiting things such as sitting, talking, eating, people, places, plans, news, noise, negativity, driving and drama.

Getting It Off My Chest

“We all have stories–ongoing and ever-changing–that we tell ourselves to make sense of our lives. They can help us heal and powerfully guide us through life, or just as powerfully, hold us back,” Judith Fertig

Airing now, on Demand

If you missed the show or previous episodes, all you need is an internet connection!

Digging deep

I was like a kid in the sandbox. On my hands and knees pulling any crab-grassy, thorny, prickly growths from …

Just ONE thing

I was back in New York for the holidays, reminiscing with family over vintage photos and Christmas Cream, a decadent …

Don’t Believe Me…Just Watch

Suck it poison pushers!¬†My body is healing itself. I have declined conventional methods of treatment, I am supporting my body …